Friday, November 30, 2007

Harold and Kumar 2 Official Trailer

Harold and Kumar 2 is the sequel to Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Our two heroes are back and want to go to Amsterdam, but as usual, they don't choose the easiest way...
The working title of this comedy is: Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanmo Bay. It should be released on April 25, 2008.

Here the official trailer of Harold and Kumar 2:

The plot:
"Kumar Patel, the Indian American protagonist of the original film, is mistaken for a 'bomb carrying terrorist' while he and Harold are trying to sneak a bong on board a plane in route to Amsterdam. They are incarcerated in a Guantanamo Bay detention camp but manage to escape.
The movie follows their adventures as fugitives from the United States Department of Homeland Security as they travel through Miami to Texas and ultimately find themselves in the ranch-house of President George W. Bush." (Source: Wikipedia)

A good laugh in perspective.